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More silhouettes

After my Outside In book, I did this project for my web class that unfortunately only functions properly on macs: HERE. I don’t  understand why it won’t work on a PC. I tried it in every major browser and still. Sigh. Anyway, it inspired this more simple animation that I just did for another class. I guess it’s sort of a self-portrait because it’s all textures that describe me somehow.

Silly wordpress doesn’t allow animations, but if you click you can see it.


Self Portrait

I’m sitting now in FAB 310, the photo computer lab at school, working on my first photography project this semester. It’s a self portrait series. It’s 4:45 now and I’ve been here since 12:30 so here’s the progress I’ve made so far (there will be 6 total, more to come later!):

Update, 5:38:

Update, next day: