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I’ve just been hit by the urgency to remedy my stunning lack of portfolio. So to start, I’m going back and touching up a lot of my old work. Next step is diving into Dreamweaver and sorting out the mess on my server. Hoy. My skills and style have definitely grown over the semester. Loooook.



I think the new one’s way better.

And here are a couple new things, the collection exhibition BS I talked about. This is a postcard…



And the accompanying poster:

Not all that different.





More posters

I think I need to expand my categories list now that I’m working in so many media at once. “My Art/Design” should be broken down. Myesss.

Here are some more minimalist posters. These are finished.

Desk Diary – August

Desk Diary - August

I spy:
+ new-to-me antique desk – from the Refuge House thrift store
+ homemade curtains – not on my desk, obviously but worth mentioning because they’re so cute, believe me, I know.
+ Edward Scissorhands – my favorite movie that I never get tired of.
+ Johnny Depp – *siiiighhh*
+ strawberry SoyJoy bar – mmm. I’m a snacker.
+ clear and orange nail polishes – I have a sort of obsessive habit of nail-painting.
+ a new series of drawings I’ve begun – done on deconstructed envelopes
+ box of envelopes – for the series and finally mailing off scholarship stuff
+ Faber Castell felt-tipped pen
+ trusty blackberry
+ buttered egg bagel with cocoa powder – sooo good, you have to try it. I’ve been eating these since I was a kid. My mom taught me. I think she learned it from her [French] family. Snacker.
+ sandpaper – my door sticks in the frame and makes a loud noise when I open it back up. There’s a warped bit of wood on the top. I guess it’s just old. Anyway the sandpaper didn’t do shit.

Coming around to the pen

School just started back up this week. I’m in another photography class, graphic design 1, French women writers, and color theory. Both GD1 and CT are mainly based around Illustrator, so I’m excited to finally be taught that. I’ve had to use it in previous classes but with minimal success because I was clueless. I illustrated the story of Icarus and Daedalus entirely with rectangles and ellipses. The pen tool just didn’t make sense to me. But yesterday, in CT, I came around after just practicing with it for awhile. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Our assignment is to make movie (or TV show) posters with basic shapes, sort of in the vein of the Minimalist Movie Posters (three different links) I stumble upon all the time.

I started with Aladdin but it’s not quite there yet. Here are my [un]final versions of Edward Scissorhands and the TV show Pushing Daisies.
(BTW: if you don’t know, Pushing Daisies is a whimsical murder mystery show starring a pie-maker who has the power to bring back the dead for 60 seconds by touching them. Once he touches them, they poof to life, and if he doesn’t touch and poof them back dead within 60 seconds, someone else in the vicinity will die. The show co-stars the woman he loves; she was murdered, he brought her back to life, kept her alive, and so can never ever touch her or she will die. It’s a lovely romance.)

Edward Scissorhands

Pushing Daisies

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Particularly regarding title placement for Edward and colors for Pushing.