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I’ve just been hit by the urgency to remedy my stunning lack of portfolio. So to start, I’m going back and touching up a lot of my old work. Next step is diving into Dreamweaver and sorting out the mess on my server. Hoy. My skills and style have definitely grown over the semester. Loooook.



I think the new one’s way better.

And here are a couple new things, the collection exhibition BS I talked about. This is a postcard…



And the accompanying poster:

Not all that different.





November update

Last week was a long one.

But this one’s extra short! It’s only Wednesday and all I’ve got left to do is meet my photo prof at 4:30 and I’m done until Monday. Except I want to get a TON of shit out of the way on my extra long weekend, namely this stupid silly “collection” project I have get to do for GD1. We’re finally at the last steps of it and it seems (I’m never completely sure) that we’re designing exhibition catalogs, posters, and postcards for imaginary exhibitions of our “collections” which in my case is 80 or so photos of books taken at the same angle. Not an exhibition I would pay to see. Anyway here’s the title:

Hopefully you can read that easily enough.

Also, in case anyone still cares about “Digital Age Romance,” here’s the final product: http://alisonjoymabee.com/AlisonJoy/ctproj4/darp1.html

It sucks that I haven’t done another Desk Diary entry. I like it a lot and I really want to keep up with it, but I haven’t exactly been living at home where my desk is for awhile now. With any luck I’ll be moving in December into DIYno and will have my desk and all my lovely crap with me again. I can’t wait. Until then, though I’ve set up a temporary working area on a desk in DIYno (that I guess might be permanent once I move, I just have a hard time calling anything “mine” while I’m not paying rent there, despite Christopher’s assurance that it’s fine) that I can photograph because I have been working there a lot. OK OK I will.

ALSO, screw any guy who thinks it’s OK/funny/flattering to whistle/shout “compliments” at passing girls. Or rather, I’d advise anyone to not screw these guys. Out of spite and to teach them that this is disgusting, demeaning behavior. And embarrassing for both parties. You may think yourself courageous for “going out on a limb,” but the fact that you are shouting from the safety of your car, driving away immediately without time for the recipient’s response (negative or no) proves that you are not as ballsy as you think. What do you expect? That we’re going to think “oh my! He noticed I’m a girl! I’d better not let this stud get away!” and chase desperately after you? or that a description of your car and license plate number are going to show up on missed connections with something like “can’t stop thinking about you blue Bronco boy. Hope to hear your sweet whistling again soon…”? Don’t hold your breath. Or better yet, go ahead.