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Snip snip for Monsieur Kitty

Stevesie got neutered today. Poor little dude, he’s still loopy and sore and walking around all wobbly.

He looks a bit like he has got an Ugg boot on. Why’d they shave his ankle? Silly.


Introducing: Stevesie Hillbee

I introduce to you, world, Stevesie Hillbee. My cat. (Well, Christopher’s and my cat. Hence the meshing of our last names.) He’s now 11 weeks old and next week we can start putting flea medicine prevention stuff on him! Yay. He’s an asshole but also a sweet boy. He was my roommate’s cat; she got him at 4 weeks and changed her mind at 5, but Christopher and I couldn’t bear to see him go. So we took joint custody and relocated him to his house. He gets a LOT of love at Diyno. And he’s getting so big!

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