Intro to my final photo project

I’ve been calling it “road trip still lifes” but it’s sort of evolved to I’m not sure what yet. I’m trying to express the confinement and boredom and general atmosphere felt on a long road trip with friends. And for some reason I like squares right now.

I took these over the weekend on a rip to Gainesville with Christopher, Evan, and Greg.



Next and final step is to make this into a flash thing with buttons to move between slides and subtle animation, but I can’t really post that here once I do it anyway so I’ll just show you a slideshow :

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Calendar project for class

Just finished illustrating my most recent GD1 class project. It’s a group project to make a calendar for 2011; each group member gets a season. I got fall–September, October, November. It was a really odd project in my opinion, lots of weirdo requirements and specifications. It had to have text, it had to be vertical, specific dimensions, the “calendar” portion had to take up 1/3 of the composition, the illustration 2/3. Also it’s divided into 4 “parts” which took me awhile to understand. I was under the impression that each part represented a different step in the design process but I think now each part is supposed to stand alone. And each part has its own specifications. Whatever, it’s done.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

I think we were supposed to start with the text and make imagery based on it. And it had to have something to do with the month or season. But we didn’t want to be cliche and illustrate the holidays and/or weather you associate with that month, so we illustrated the obscure holidays nobody’s ever heard of (except Oktoberfest, of course, I had to include it) and made up text to go with it. Ergo dumbass limerick!

I guess it’s kind of small so you cant see what the holidays are, and I’m sure you’re dying to know so:
Sept 12th – Video Games Day, 17th – Beginning of Oktoberfest, 29th – Confucius Day
Oct 3rd – End of Oktoberfest, 7th – Bald and Free Day, 22nd – National Nut Day
Nov 2nd – Look for Circles Day,  15th – Clean Your Refrigerator Day, 21st – World Hello Day

Digital Age Romance progress

Starting to get some progress done on my newest color theory project. The assignment is sequential art based on an exciting/joyous/terrifying memory. I wasn’t too excited because, though I appreciate comics/graphic novels, I’ve never been interested in making one. But I’ve been dying to do some isometric pixel-land illustrations and I realized this is the perfect opportunity. Plus, the memory I chose is of when Christopher surprised me with a visit to my dorm in Tallahassee while he was still living in Atlanta freshman year. It was exciting, joyous, and terrifying. The only time before that we’d ever been in the same room was the day we met and we barely spoke. So up until he arrived, the whole story takes place via Facebook chat, Skype, and text message. Voila, digital age romance. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Not much narrative, just the title and characters. I’m really excited!

I’m not blonde and I don’t own a pink dress or purple shoes but I don’t think it needs to be completely representational of me specifically. The characters are just based on us and our story. This takes SO much longer than I expected. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

—> UPDATE <—

I’ve been sitting in Starbucks working on this for… I’d say… five hours now. LOOK!

Keeping the color schemes more consistent now and ditched the purple shoes. :)

Introducing: Stevesie Hillbee

I introduce to you, world, Stevesie Hillbee. My cat. (Well, Christopher’s and my cat. Hence the meshing of our last names.) He’s now 11 weeks old and next week we can start putting flea medicine prevention stuff on him! Yay. He’s an asshole but also a sweet boy. He was my roommate’s cat; she got him at 4 weeks and changed her mind at 5, but Christopher and I couldn’t bear to see him go. So we took joint custody and relocated him to his house. He gets a LOT of love at Diyno. And he’s getting so big!

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Funk Buddies ‘010

So this is a little belated.

I decided at the last minute to go with Christopher, Danny, and Bob to Atlanta for a weekend bike polo tournament. This was the weekend of  October 10th. I thought it would be really boring just watching them play polo all weekend but it ended up being a lot of fun. It was cramped with all of us in Christopher’s tiny Tercel with 4 bikes on the back and an extra wheel set inside the car. And everyone’s shit. But we made it work. I’m really grateful everyone put up with me taking up the precious extra space they would have had because, of course, I didn’t play polo. It was an uneventful drive other than the fact that it took us about 2 hours to get from Diyno (Christopher’s house) to the FL/GA border which is actually 10 minutes away. You know, stops to pick up the guys, wait for them to pack, load up bikes and stuff into the trunk that the bikes were attached to (not easy), food, gas, stopping again after we realize the wheel covers are blocking our brake lights and turn signals. You know. We stayed at Christopher’s parents house which was awesome because I love visiting there. And they are AWESOME picnic packers. They seriously know what they’re doing.

I took a lot of pictures. Evan let me borrow his enormous telephoto lens for my digital camera and I had to shoot 3 rolls of film for class.

So voila. Film first and then digital:

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And that’s not nearly all of them.

Book cover design

Current project I’m working on in GD1: book cover design for The Interpretation of Dreams by none other than Sigmund Freud. At first it seemed simple because the imagery can be anything! Dreams can be anything. But that’s what’s made it so hard. Here’s what I have so far, obviously still at a pre-loremipsum stage.

This last one, unfortunately, can’t be turned in for this project because I can only use my own art work or copyright-free work. And The Great Masturbator does not qualify. Teach said I could use it for my portfolio though :). It’s that [Dali] painting layered with a Georgia O’Keeffe painting of poppies, I think. I thought the two together did a good job of describing what you find in this book, image- and metaphor-wise and also the general confusing haze that dreams can sometimes be.

Next step is to replace the space image with something stock/free or my own photography and also replace the paintings in the third one. *siighh* Also I need to replace lorem ipsum with the actual back-cover description. I kept forgetting to bring my copy with me to class but now I’m home. No excuses!