Tallahassee Life

Friends of Friends

Not long ago, my roommate Jess had been talking about how we (us and some other friends) should put together an art show/party for our friends and each other. Naturally I thought it was a really good idea but didn’t make any moves to make it happen because… well I have no idea how to do that. So I thought of it as one of those things that gets brought up from time to time but never happens, like, “hey old friend on facebook whom I haven’t seen in years, we should hang out!” Which doesn’t happen.

Anyway, Jess made it happen! And I’m so impressed. It’s in about two weeks and I just designed the promo poster and flier last night:

Voila. It was really good Illustrator practice for me. I think it looks good ^_^.



Moving, painting

I’m currently in the process of moving out of the apartment and into this great house near campus. I love having the chance to reoroganize, re-evaluate, redo everything, it’s a fresh start. I get antsy in the same place for too long. When I was younger, since the decision to move from house to house was out of my hands, to satisfy my need to redo, I would rearrange the furniture in my bedroom at least once a year, sometimes more. I mean young, too, like 7 or 8 years old. By myself in my bedroom moving my bunk bed and giant desk across the room to switch  positions. And never a lot of space to navigate, let me tell you. Anyway.

Unfortunately, this room is probably the smallest I’ve ever lived in (except of course the first dorm I lived in…rotten place) and the AC vent is on the floor AND the closet door and main door are on one of the long walls. What I mean is that the way the furniture is now is the only doable configuration. Poo.

I painted the walls! Normally I go for bright ass colors like my briightt red-orange room at my parents’ house. But instead I chose light gray (Platinum Ring) for three walls and a turquoise color (Beach Toy) for an accent. I don’t know what I was thinking with the turquoise, though, it was just awful. Very juvenile. I was going for that Bianchi seafoamy green. But I missed. So instead of choosing another color, I made a geometric pattern (all triangles) out of masking tape and then painted over with left over gray.

Voila, et des autres.

A roll of film stayed in my AE-1 from December 09 to today.

Finally finished off the roll of color 35 mm film in my Canon this morning. It had been in there since either December or November of last year and I’d been chipping away at it gradually, picking it up every time it felt appropriate. Got it developed and printed today, scanned and cropped them, and here they are!

Above: from the trip Christopher and I took from Tallahassee to Jacksonville two weekends ago to visit my parents, see my brother’s new apartment, and spend time with Morgan before she leaves for boot camp.

Above: yesterday at First Friday in Railroad Square. Twas rainy.

Above: Gaby breaking the plaster (maybe) mold off her cast honeycomb sculpture. These were the first pictures I took on this roll.

Above: not really sure. Random portraits. I’m thinking the one of Gaby on the floor looks the way it does because I attempted a double exposure. Don’t remember, though. Also, I don’t know why I’m getting so many light leaks…

Bike Polo

Went to see Christopher play bike polo (which, I had to explain to my roommates Jess and Gaby, is polo played on bikes) for the first time after the Of Montreal show. He’d been meaning to go for awhile but it never worked out, and I was glad because it sounded really dangerous to me. But anyway I went and took pictures of everyone. It didn’t seem dangerous at all actually—they only play 3 on 3 so it’s not too fast-paced and there’s space to move around and not too many people to be aware of.  Here are a few pictures, but  more are on my flickr.

Bike Polo 3Bike Polo 1Bike Polo 4Bike Polo 2

That’s Christopher in [my] maroon tank top and on [my] blue bike. With a silly blue hat.

You’re the only one with whom I would role-play Oedipus Rex

Of Montreal had a [free for FSU students] show [early] tonight at The Moon, so of course I was there. Twas good stuff, though I hear not as good as last year. I wouldn’t know. James Husband opened which I thought was sort of lame. Their visuals were really fun and inspiring for me because they seemed like simple flash animations I might be able to do (ahh I have a web project to do…). I couldn’t see a lot of the skits or whatever you’d call what was going on on stage but… it seemed interesting. And morbid. But cool. I got a few [bad] pictures on my phone:

Of Montreal 1Of Montreal 3Of Montreal 2

“Mile and a half” my ass.

Bike MapSo proud, I went on my first real bike ride with Christopher and his friends, aka FSU Urban Cycling. The first real test for the bike Chris bought and built for me (I helped!). Its lovely. Except that it’s creaky and slow and hurts. A work in progress, though. We rode part of the St. Marks Trail south to Lake Munson. They wanted to explore the dam or something but everyone (including me) ran away and wanted to leave when we saw the opaque clouds of gnats over the lake and dam. I’m super proud of myself though—it was a 14 mile ride round trip.