Je voudrais des cheveux d’ombres! (or something like that)

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Lady Gaga

(I’m not actually sure who this is…)

Erin Wasson

In my fashion blog perusing, I came across this AWESOME hair trend that has apparently been circulating amongst much more fashionable people than myself for about two years now: dip-dyeing or ombre hair. Basically it’s dyed ends of your hair–usually colorful but sometimes natural-looking shades contrasting with your natural color. I’m so in love with it. I think it’s supposed to say, “I’m far too important and busy to bother re-dyeing my hair so my roots have gotten out of control, but I’m so fabulous that anything I do looks amazing,” but I just like how it looks :) I’m going to fake it. I imagine mine will come out looking somewhat like Erin’s in this picture because my hair is a similar texture and base color. This could go horribly wrong, though. Hahhaha… I really like the gradual color change between dye and natural color. I fear that if I try doing this myself it will end up sort of blunt-edged or muddy-looking. I’ll just do a tester strand in the middle or something. I have to try! If it works out I’ll probably leave bleached ends for awhile and try adding pale bubblegum pink later on. CAN’T WAIT.