Snip snip for Monsieur Kitty

Stevesie got neutered today. Poor little dude, he’s still loopy and sore and walking around all wobbly.

He looks a bit like he has got an Ugg boot on. Why’d they shave his ankle? Silly.


for my friend, DJ When.

Finally the end of the semester is on the horizon of this week.

I just finished up my color theory final project. The assignment was to do whatever I wanted. That’s always a popular end-of-semester project, but it’s so intimidating! Because I don’t know how much work to do really. And I suspect that I didn’t do enough for this one. I guess I’ll find out at the critique tomorrow. But anyway, what I chose to do was create album art for my friend Marc Schulz who is a DJ by the name of DJ When. I had wanted to do it anyway so it just worked out that I had an open-ended project and no ideas except this. So what follows is the turn-in-for-class-get-it-done-on-time version. I’m sure he and I will sit down and rework things once the semester’s over, before they’re actually printed. Voila.

The outside of the case, which will obviously be folded down the middle:

That’s my La Petite Joy Printing Press logo down there. I started putting the name on almost everything I print for school (illustration projects, silkscreen, photo books…) last fall. It just stuck.

The inside of the case, which will have the poster folded up and tucked under the circular flap, and the CD stuck in the v-shaped flap:

It looks so simple and lame now. But I think that once the shit’s inside, it will¬† serve its purpose well.

The two sides of the poster:

I’m happy with it I think. At least for now.¬† It’s just a simple construction of folded card stock for the debut album. Once he’s rich and famous in like a week we’ll upgrade to fancy plastic cases and vinyl and whatnot.

I’ve been so obsessed with isometric grids lately, and even after this I’m still not tired of them. And I tried out some anaglyphs. Christopher thinks 3D glasses should be included, which of course would be cool, but would totally reveal the fact that they don’t work!

By the way I think everyone should know that this is my cat Stevesie right this second, asleep with his head on my knee, tongue halfway out, wif wittle twitching paws:

Introducing: Stevesie Hillbee

I introduce to you, world, Stevesie Hillbee. My cat. (Well, Christopher’s and my cat. Hence the meshing of our last names.) He’s now 11 weeks old and next week we can start putting flea medicine prevention stuff on him! Yay. He’s an asshole but also a sweet boy. He was my roommate’s cat; she got him at 4 weeks and changed her mind at 5, but Christopher and I couldn’t bear to see him go. So we took joint custody and relocated him to his house. He gets a LOT of love at Diyno. And he’s getting so big!

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The Hills are alive with the sound of laughter

Christopher and I visited his family in/near Atlanta a few weeks ago. (I’m just now getting around to unloading the few snapshots from my SD.) It’s so lovely visiting them. The atmosphere is just so positive and relieving. The air smells so much nicer in Georgia, and the Hills are all so great. So interested in each other (WHY ISN’T THAT ONE WORD!?) and always just down to sit around in the living room to talk and tell stories for just a little while longer into the night. I feel very comfortable and welcome there.

Unfortunately I didn’t take more than just these few snapshots of everyone.

Happy HillsLook at all the love!

The following were taken in Christopher’s sister, Emily’s (& her boyfriend, Chris’s) apartment in Atlanta. We stayed there the night before we returned to Tallahassee. It was such a great place, all IKEA’d out. I hope to have a similar place of my own in a big city in a few years.a "nice" one

a "silly" oneApparently, “now let’s take a SILLY one” means, “everyone open your mouth and flail about wildly!” It works.

another "silly" oneI like this one better because it actually looks like things have gotten out of control. None of the contrived silliness.