Almossttt… theerrree…

Since I got some viruses over spring break, I had to dump EVERYTHING and start anew. I now have Windows 7 instead of Vista, so new task bar, woopdeedoo. So my CS3 got deleted [seriously frowny face]. I’ve been doing all my Photoshopping and Dreamweavering on school Macs.
ANYWAY, that’s why I’m on WordPress now. I’ve been apprehensive to use it  because I guess I thought it was too easy or something. And because I don’t like the idea of using someone else’s design. So I’m trying to figure out how to make my own theme so I can take advantage of categories, tags, comments, and the like.
My dad bought me alisonjoy.us about a year ago, but I just asked him to change it to alisonjoymabee.com because that’s how I identify myself everywhere on the intarwebs. So that’s where you’ll find me as soon as I get Dreamweaver back. It does work now, but there’s not much there.
Ch-ch-check it out.


Bonjour au monde!

So I’ve just created this as a temporary dump for blog posts. Hopefully soon I’ll have alisonjoy.us running and more functional. I’m new to the whole WordPress thing, having everything controlled for me… It’s odd.