Desk Diary

Desk Diary – August

Desk Diary - August

I spy:
+ new-to-me antique desk – from the Refuge House thrift store
+ homemade curtains – not on my desk, obviously but worth mentioning because they’re so cute, believe me, I know.
+ Edward Scissorhands – my favorite movie that I never get tired of.
+ Johnny Depp – *siiiighhh*
+ strawberry SoyJoy bar – mmm. I’m a snacker.
+ clear and orange nail polishes – I have a sort of obsessive habit of nail-painting.
+ a new series of drawings I’ve begun – done on deconstructed envelopes
+ box of envelopes – for the series and finally mailing off scholarship stuff
+ Faber Castell felt-tipped pen
+ trusty blackberry
+ buttered egg bagel with cocoa powder – sooo good, you have to try it. I’ve been eating these since I was a kid. My mom taught me. I think she learned it from her [French] family. Snacker.
+ sandpaper – my door sticks in the frame and makes a loud noise when I open it back up. There’s a warped bit of wood on the top. I guess it’s just old. Anyway the sandpaper didn’t do shit.


Desk Diary – late July

I decided I want to pick back up on a personal diaryesque project I started about a year and a half ago. Desk Diary.

Ever since I was real little I’ve always had a desk. One of those things my father encouraged and I misunderstood but appreciated nonetheless. A place to do homework, art, paint my nails, eat snacks/dinner while watching online TV, whatever. But I’ve found that, while they tend to be junk collectors in between room cleanings, the crap that ends up there is often very indicative of whats going on in my life at the time. So I’m keeping track of that with a photo accompanied by a list of everything significant and some sort of explanation.

Late July 010:

my desk in late July

I spy:
+Lindor truffles – getting melty from the heat despite the AC
+finished collages leaning against the left wall – not so proud of these, just fun and keeping busy
+empty broccoli snack dish – the only thing left to eat that’s not Ramen or mac n cheese
+Gaby’s metal ruler – I have no idea what happened to mine…
+my favorite nail polish
+lemon pin cushion – haven’t sewn in awhile, but they’re good for blister popping heh heh
+book light – Chris and I bought it because we thought it would be useful for when one of us wants to sleep and the other wants to read… but it’s been used once. Maybe twice.
+neon pencil case – FULL of sharpies
+abacus necklace – Mom bought me this for Christmas and I love it. But the chain broke so I haven’t been wearing it. Plus it’s fake and is tarnishing a gross color. I still love it, though.
+work in progress 3D-ish collage – it’s a sort of dollhouse room. I always liked to draw dollhouses when I was younger. I attempted to collage in the same manner I used to draw them but couldn’t find enough furniture small enough. So maybe I’ll make a bunch of rooms this size and piece them together. This is a reading room.
+Vogue, Vogue, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vogue – double subscription for cheap! Excellent for collaging. And reading, I guess. I usually get too excited about the colors and the photography in the middle of reading an article and never finish it. Oh well.
+butter knife – for scoring folds, duh.
+X-acto knife and cutting mat combo – x3 bonus. Where would I be without them?
+Tijuana Flats cup – (rootbeer) I joined the Summer Ultimate League and our games are on Tuesdays. Sometimes Chris and I and other teammates go to Taco Tuesdays at Tijuana after games. This has been here awhile… ew.
+iPod charger dock – “borrowed” from Alex.
+pink file holder mabob – got it to keep track of my shit because I started to get suspicious of my boss and how much taxes she took out of my checks and whatnot. Also has my lease to the new house in!
+Lisa Frank stickers – do I need a reason?