Funk Buddies ‘010

So this is a little belated.

I decided at the last minute to go with Christopher, Danny, and Bob to Atlanta for a weekend bike polo tournament. This was the weekend of  October 10th. I thought it would be really boring just watching them play polo all weekend but it ended up being a lot of fun. It was cramped with all of us in Christopher’s tiny Tercel with 4 bikes on the back and an extra wheel set inside the car. And everyone’s shit. But we made it work. I’m really grateful everyone put up with me taking up the precious extra space they would have had because, of course, I didn’t play polo. It was an uneventful drive other than the fact that it took us about 2 hours to get from Diyno (Christopher’s house) to the FL/GA border which is actually 10 minutes away. You know, stops to pick up the guys, wait for them to pack, load up bikes and stuff into the trunk that the bikes were attached to (not easy), food, gas, stopping again after we realize the wheel covers are blocking our brake lights and turn signals. You know. We stayed at Christopher’s parents house which was awesome because I love visiting there. And they are AWESOME picnic packers. They seriously know what they’re doing.

I took a lot of pictures. Evan let me borrow his enormous telephoto lens for my digital camera and I had to shoot 3 rolls of film for class.

So voila. Film first and then digital:

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And that’s not nearly all of them.


Bike Polo

Went to see Christopher play bike polo (which, I had to explain to my roommates Jess and Gaby, is polo played on bikes) for the first time after the Of Montreal show. He’d been meaning to go for awhile but it never worked out, and I was glad because it sounded really dangerous to me. But anyway I went and took pictures of everyone. It didn’t seem dangerous at all actually—they only play 3 on 3 so it’s not too fast-paced and there’s space to move around and not too many people to be aware of.  Here are a few pictures, but  more are on my flickr.

Bike Polo 3Bike Polo 1Bike Polo 4Bike Polo 2

That’s Christopher in [my] maroon tank top and on [my] blue bike. With a silly blue hat.

“Mile and a half” my ass.

Bike MapSo proud, I went on my first real bike ride with Christopher and his friends, aka FSU Urban Cycling. The first real test for the bike Chris bought and built for me (I helped!). Its lovely. Except that it’s creaky and slow and hurts. A work in progress, though. We rode part of the St. Marks Trail south to Lake Munson. They wanted to explore the dam or something but everyone (including me) ran away and wanted to leave when we saw the opaque clouds of gnats over the lake and dam. I’m super proud of myself though—it was a 14 mile ride round trip.