Calendar project for class

Just finished illustrating my most recent GD1 class project. It’s a group project to make a calendar for 2011; each group member gets a season. I got fall–September, October, November. It was a really odd project in my opinion, lots of weirdo requirements and specifications. It had to have text, it had to be vertical, specific dimensions, the “calendar” portion had to take up 1/3 of the composition, the illustration 2/3. Also it’s divided into 4 “parts” which took me awhile to understand. I was under the impression that each part represented a different step in the design process but I think now each part is supposed to stand alone. And each part has its own specifications. Whatever, it’s done.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

I think we were supposed to start with the text and make imagery based on it. And it had to have something to do with the month or season. But we didn’t want to be cliche and illustrate the holidays and/or weather you associate with that month, so we illustrated the obscure holidays nobody’s ever heard of (except Oktoberfest, of course, I had to include it) and made up text to go with it. Ergo dumbass limerick!

I guess it’s kind of small so you cant see what the holidays are, and I’m sure you’re dying to know so:
Sept 12th – Video Games Day, 17th – Beginning of Oktoberfest, 29th – Confucius Day
Oct 3rd – End of Oktoberfest, 7th – Bald and Free Day, 22nd – National Nut Day
Nov 2nd – Look for Circles Day,  15th – Clean Your Refrigerator Day, 21st – World Hello Day


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