Digital Age Romance progress

Starting to get some progress done on my newest color theory project. The assignment is sequential art based on an exciting/joyous/terrifying memory. I wasn’t too excited because, though I appreciate comics/graphic novels, I’ve never been interested in making one. But I’ve been dying to do some isometric pixel-land illustrations and I realized this is the perfect opportunity. Plus, the memory I chose is of when Christopher surprised me with a visit to my dorm in Tallahassee while he was still living in Atlanta freshman year. It was exciting, joyous, and terrifying. The only time before that we’d ever been in the same room was the day we met and we barely spoke. So up until he arrived, the whole story takes place via Facebook chat, Skype, and text message. Voila, digital age romance. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Not much narrative, just the title and characters. I’m really excited!

I’m not blonde and I don’t own a pink dress or purple shoes but I don’t think it needs to be completely representational of me specifically. The characters are just based on us and our story. This takes SO much longer than I expected. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

—> UPDATE <—

I’ve been sitting in Starbucks working on this for… I’d say… five hours now. LOOK!

Keeping the color schemes more consistent now and ditched the purple shoes. :)


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