Book cover design

Current project I’m working on in GD1: book cover design for The Interpretation of Dreams by none other than Sigmund Freud. At first it seemed simple because the imagery can be anything! Dreams can be anything. But that’s what’s made it so hard. Here’s what I have so far, obviously still at a pre-loremipsum stage.

This last one, unfortunately, can’t be turned in for this project because I can only use my own art work or copyright-free work. And The Great Masturbator does not qualify. Teach said I could use it for my portfolio though :). It’s that [Dali] painting layered with a Georgia O’Keeffe painting of poppies, I think. I thought the two together did a good job of describing what you find in this book, image- and metaphor-wise and also the general confusing haze that dreams can sometimes be.

Next step is to replace the space image with something stock/free or my own photography and also replace the paintings in the third one. *siighh* Also I need to replace lorem ipsum with the actual back-cover description. I kept forgetting to bring my copy with me to class but now I’m home. No excuses!


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