The Hills are alive with the sound of laughter

Christopher and I visited his family in/near Atlanta a few weeks ago. (I’m just now getting around to unloading the few snapshots from my SD.) It’s so lovely visiting them. The atmosphere is just so positive and relieving. The air smells so much nicer in Georgia, and the Hills are all so great. So interested in each other (WHY ISN’T THAT ONE WORD!?) and always just down to sit around in the living room to talk and tell stories for just a little while longer into the night. I feel very comfortable and welcome there.

Unfortunately I didn’t take more than just these few snapshots of everyone.

Happy HillsLook at all the love!

The following were taken in Christopher’s sister, Emily’s (& her boyfriend, Chris’s) apartment in Atlanta. We stayed there the night before we returned to Tallahassee. It was such a great place, all IKEA’d out. I hope to have a similar place of my own in a big city in a few years.a "nice" one

a "silly" oneApparently, “now let’s take a SILLY one” means, “everyone open your mouth and flail about wildly!” It works.

another "silly" oneI like this one better because it actually looks like things have gotten out of control. None of the contrived silliness.


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