Desk Diary – August

Desk Diary - August

I spy:
+ new-to-me antique desk – from the Refuge House thrift store
+ homemade curtains – not on my desk, obviously but worth mentioning because they’re so cute, believe me, I know.
+ Edward Scissorhands – my favorite movie that I never get tired of.
+ Johnny Depp – *siiiighhh*
+ strawberry SoyJoy bar – mmm. I’m a snacker.
+ clear and orange nail polishes – I have a sort of obsessive habit of nail-painting.
+ a new series of drawings I’ve begun – done on deconstructed envelopes
+ box of envelopes – for the series and finally mailing off scholarship stuff
+ Faber Castell felt-tipped pen
+ trusty blackberry
+ buttered egg bagel with cocoa powder – sooo good, you have to try it. I’ve been eating these since I was a kid. My mom taught me. I think she learned it from her [French] family. Snacker.
+ sandpaper – my door sticks in the frame and makes a loud noise when I open it back up. There’s a warped bit of wood on the top. I guess it’s just old. Anyway the sandpaper didn’t do shit.


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