Artist’s Book

I took one of those required art classes in Fall 09 called “Survey of Studio Art Practices.” It was pretty cool, we learned about contemporary artists, watched the PBS show Art 21, and heard some presentations. The big assignment was to make an “Artist’s Book” (vague much?). Here are some of my favorite pages from my book:

page 1page 2page 3page 4page 5page 6page 7page 8page 9page 10page 11page 12page 13page 14page 15page 16

I just got inspired to scan all these because I’m packing up my bedroom/apartment right now. Christopher and I are heading to Jacksonville tomorrow to see my parents (and to get my car looked at and go to the doctor to ask about my cold allergy and to eat free food) and I’m supposed to start moving into the new house on Friday so I’m packing up some stuff I don’t need with me but I can’t throw away… like art projects. But there was some stuff I actually liked in this book so I figured I’d share it before tossing it into my parents’ attic.


One response

  1. EB

    awesome work! :) i envy your creativity!

    July 28, 2010 at 2:47 PM

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