These are some pictures I took of Caity (or Matey) in St. Augustine when I visited her for her birthday. They are also in an album on my flickr, but I re-edited them to better suit my feelings for them/her.Caity on the Beach 1Caity on the Beach 2

Caity and I met on the first day of 6th grade in Mrs. Jones’s “flight” class (aka homeroom), and ended up going to the same high school so she’s my oldest remaining friend. We had some awesome times and still do when we see each other on rare occasions. She’s the kind of person that makes anything fun or amusing, doesn’t take anything too seriously, makes things happen as opposed to waiting around for opportunities, and is almost always upbeat and positive. I really miss having people like her around. Mrs. Outdoors is currently counseling at Camp Merrie Woode in N. Carolina for her second summer and loves it, apparently. That’s what she says anyway, but I know the truth is she cries herself to sleep every night because she misses me so much. Keeding! Other than that we don’t see each other (I really thought “eachother” was one word… wtf spell check?) much anymore because she’s at school in St. Auggie and I’m in school in Tallahassee. Not so bad, though, because she likes driving long distances (weirdo) and St. Auggie is nearby my parents’ house in Jacksonville! Double hoorah with knobs.

Anyway, I’m writing this friend tribute thing I guess because I’ve just realized recently how rarely two people befriend each other and really get each other, how rare great friends are. And I miss her. So I’ll be making out tributes to my handful of old friends that I really miss from now on. This friend in particular, though, is a really great example to growing girls that you can be a history nerd, video gamer, LOTR buff, camp-lover, non-shit talker, non-slut, and still be voted Most Attractive.


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