A roll of film stayed in my AE-1 from December 09 to today.

Finally finished off the roll of color 35 mm film in my Canon this morning. It had been in there since either December or November of last year and I’d been chipping away at it gradually, picking it up every time it felt appropriate. Got it developed and printed today, scanned and cropped them, and here they are!

Above: from the trip Christopher and I took from Tallahassee to Jacksonville two weekends ago to visit my parents, see my brother’s new apartment, and spend time with Morgan before she leaves for boot camp.

Above: yesterday at First Friday in Railroad Square. Twas rainy.

Above: Gaby breaking the plaster (maybe) mold off her cast honeycomb sculpture. These were the first pictures I took on this roll.

Above: not really sure. Random portraits. I’m thinking the one of Gaby on the floor looks the way it does because I attempted a double exposure. Don’t remember, though. Also, I don’t know why I’m getting so many light leaks…


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