Reminiscing yesterday, digging through digital photos from high school. Found these.

moving day
My family and I lived in one apartment and three different houses in Jacksonville. This was the second house. We only stayed there for a year, my junior year of high school. The landlord was really eccentric; he’d had a giant aquarium custom-made for these fish he’d had imported from the Nile and Amazon rivers, elsewhere, too, I think. It was a really great house to live in. Right down the street from my high school boyfriend, a pond with ducks and a paddle boat in the backyard. Just a good time.

my grandparents' back yard, Ohio
I took this in my grandparents’ backyard in Crestline, Ohio when two friends and I visited my Ohio family in tenth grade. I lived in Ohio from about ages two to eight. Six years doesn’t necessarily sound like a significant amount of time, but I’ve found that my childhood years spent there were very influential to my life. Of course I didn’t realize it at the time, but the time my friends and I spent making up “house” games like “teenagers” and “treehouse,” learning to ride my two-wheeler on our short dead-end street, coloring with chalk on the pavement… It was a magical time. The stuff that has permanently defined my rough/feminine/primitive aesthetic.


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