My FF Review – This is my story

I first started playing Final Fantasy games when I was 12. I’d just played Kingdom Hearts, loved it, and it led me to FFX. I had normally been timid when it came to video games not starring Mario (or Goofy) but FFX was really easy to get into. Really though, it’s just easy. You don’t need to make any decisions–the story is unwaveringly linear, arrows guide you to progress. But I liked the story, and it is warm in my gamer heart. I would now and then have to google search something like “how much to pay yojimbo” and as I peeked into the FF world, I learned that FFVII was regarded as the best ever, not my sweet FFX. So I had to try it. And I was SO caught off guard. 4 discs? Lego graphics? No voice-overs? ATB? Nobody telling me what to do and where to go and how to progress? I’m still convinced, though, that my first disc was scratched or something because I reached a complete dead end. Needless to say I never finished it. So I moved on to FFVIII because Morgan bought it and recommended it. Didn’t get far there either. Then FFIX because Alex’s friend let me borrow it. Meh. Not far. I liked the stories in all of them, I just never got hooked because I’d already been spoiled by voices and FMVs. I started FFXII but didn’t like the battle system or the tile grid thing. I did like the non-lineality though, exploring towns and talking to people. Same with FF, FFII, and Crisis Core. And now I’m onto FFXIII and can’t decide how I feel about it. It’s engaging and the battles are super fun and challenging, but it, like FFX, requires no decision-making. You basically follow a direct path from beginning to end (well I’m not at the end yet, but so far that is the case) with no exploration or experimentation required. And, I’m never really sure what’s going on. My impression is that you walk and walk and battle and walk and watch flashbacks and win. Woo. Doesn’t matter, though. I like it.


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